Maybe It’s Time To Try Something New

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated. Not just with my work, but with everything. I don’t know if it’s due to the lockdown, or the lack of routine I have right now, or if it’s related to my mental health, or if I’ve just been so busy that I finally burned myself out. Maybe it’sContinue reading “Maybe It’s Time To Try Something New”

How to Do Everything

(or not care that you can’t do everything) A few weeks back I received an email from one of my university professors asking if I’d like to submit a poem for a special feature in The Manchester Review about writing in the pandemic. The poem I submitted, which was later published in the feature, wasContinue reading “How to Do Everything”

The Graduate Mother

As the final year of my undergraduate degree drew to a close I would like to say that I felt nervous, but the truth is that I had been feeling nervous for the past 4 years. Deciding to return to education as a mature student with a husband, children and a bottomless laundry basket wasContinue reading “The Graduate Mother”